Peak Truss Builders, LLC. provides engineered roof and floor truss systems, LVL beams and wood I-Joists. Let us show you why we are the best in customer service and add value to your project.

Our mission at Peak Truss Builders, LLC, is to produce cost effective truss systems that are soundly engineeered, well built and properly delivered to your jobsite on time. We use state-of-the-art computer engineering programs to create layout plans and 3D-views to save time and money while heliping your framing go up smoothly. We package and document your order so that complex structures can be quickly and properly placed.

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    Le Greene | General Manager
    James Burch | Design Manager
    Steve Kuehner | Sales Manager
    Marty Waugh | Contractor Sales & Support
    John Page | Plant Manager
    Teresa Freeman | Production Coordinator
    Toby Sumner | Designer
    Yannik Torres Kellinghusen | Designer
    Halie Price | Designer

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    Explore our featured designs as we display the endless design possibilities through the incorporation of engineered wood products and ultimately, through the service provided by our professional team.

    Our customers are guaranteed to receive professional customer service to ensure their satisfaction for their economical and engineered wood structure.

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