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Peak Truss Builders, LLC, is a manufacturer of roof and floor trusses, and supplier of LVL beams and wood I-Joists; located on NC HWY 55 just south of Apex, NC. Our location allows us to efficiently service the Raleigh-Durham area along with Fayetteville, Winston Salem, and Greensboro.

Alpine is one of the nation's leading producers of truss engineering systems, truss connector plates, and truss manufacturing equipment.

Our goal at Peak Truss Builders, LLC, is to produce cost effective truss systems that are soundly engineeered, properly built and delivered to your job on time. We use state-of-the-art computer systems to create layout plans and 3-D-views to make your job and your framers job easier. We package and document your order so that complex structures can be quickly and properly erected.

That we are good at what we do is evidenced by the fact that customers from our first year in business are still buying from us today. We are loyal to our customers, fair in our dealings with them, and we work diligently to give them every reason to stay with us year after year.

Why Trusses

To see examples of how engineered roof and floor trusses from Peak Truss Builders, LLC, Inc makes your homebuilding job easier click here.

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